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StartStick 10

Portable/Stowable Ground Power

StartStick has designed an ultra lightweight 4.8kg , 28V Portable/ Stowable Ground Power Unit (GPU) with a built-in Standard Global 3-Pin
connector. The StartStick portable power unit is powered with high-power, lightweight Li-Ion Nanophosphate cells.

StartStick’s patented design has an integrated lightweight battery case, GPU connector, and carrying handle that makes it both easy to stow and use.

An integrated battery charger allows for safe charging using any 10-ampere auxiliary power supply circuit. The battery automatically shuts itself off when fully charged.

StartStick has the most advanced battery management unit available. Automatic shutdown and turn-on, integrated battery charging, temperature, state of charge, battery life, and over 16 different fault diagnostics monitor the battery over 100 times per second to ensure optimum performance and safety

Battery state of charge, battery current, charger state, and fault-codes can be displayed on the integrated digital multi-function display.

StartStick meets rigorous G-shock/UNDOT destructive testing thanks to its engineered fiber reinforced polymer case that is water, chemical, and impact resistant for years of field operations.


  • Fully Serviceable Battery Pack
  • 3 to 4 Engine Starts Per Charge
  • Transmits up to 28 kilowatts of power
  • Smart Lithium Technology
  • 3,000 to 4,000 starts – Time Before Overhaul
  • Charge Port attaches to on-board auxiliary power supply
  • Includes 120/220V 50/60hzs battery charger
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Impact, water and chemical resistant polymer case
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Capacity - 9.7Ah
  • Max Current (Pulse) - 800 Amps
  • Max Current (Cont.) - 200 Amps
  • Weight - 4.81kg
  • Length - 432mm
  • Width - 157mm
  • Time to Discharge - 29mins
  • Charge Time (approx) - 2.8hrs

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