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Simplex Aerospace

  • Founded in 1946, Simplex has built a reputation as the leader in design, manufacturing and certification of aerial application systems and mission
  • With 70 years of excellence in the aerospace industry, Simplex designs, produces and certifies the safest and most efficient aerial spray systems
    in the world.

Spray Systems

  • Model 204........Bell 212
  • Model 208........Bell 407
  • Model 210........Airbus 350 & 355 Series, H125
  • Model 244........Robinson R44
  • Model 266........Robinson R66
  • Model 4800.......Bell 47G Series as Modified
  • Model 4900.......Bell 206 A & B, Garlick OH-58 Series
  • Model 5100.......Airbus 350 B, C, D
  • Model 5200.......Hughes 269 Series
  • Model 7900.......Bell 206 L Series
  • Model 8500.......Hughes 369 Series, MD 500N
  • Model 10900-005..Kamov KA-32 Series

Features & Benefits

  • PMA & FAA certified systems and parts
  • Systems designed to be installed/removed in 30 minutes
  • Aerodynamic design results in low drag
  • Safety features include emergency jettison dump doors and pump stop controls
  • Ground fill provisions built into tank
  • Ag GPS systems available

Tank Assembly

  • Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber matrix
  • Corrosion and fatigue resistant
  • Aviation grade hardware
  • Electric Pump Assembly
  • 160 GPM at 90 Amps/48 psi
  • Standard 3-way valve
  • Built-in suck back for clean spray shut off
  • Outboard Booms
  • FAA approved, low-drag boom assembly
  • Aluminum construction and supports
  • ¼ NPT nozzle ports at 6” spacing

System Controls

  • Avionics grade electrical system
  • Control box mounts to cyclic
  • Remote display box
  • Easy to use switches

Simplex Advantages

  • First choice of OEMs for aerial application systems
  • Over 90% global market share
  • Over 150 STC’s
  • Complete mission training available
  • 24-hour sales and technical support


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