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R22 Cargo Hook

Operators know that Robinson helicopters are ideal light utility aircraft for external load work or training. You can leverage that capability and enjoy even greater profit potential by installing an Onboard Systems cargo hook kit. With latest generation innovations and improvements, our Robinson cargo hook kits are a must-have accessory for your aircraft.


BenefitsFeatherweight System: Total kit weighs about five pounds. Ample Ground Clearance: Kit extends about seven inches from the aircraft fuselage, preserving aerodynamic lines. Other competing kits extend twice this amount. Airframe & Hook Protection: Built-in travel limits keep the hook from striking the airframe and relieve strain on the hook control cables. Easy Field Installation: Available in easy-to-install kits for new installation or replacement of existing hook equipment. Easy Maintenance & Overhaul: Onboard cargo hooks can be overhauled in the field, at our factory or by a qualified repair facility using simple hand tools. Quick parts availability minimizes downtime! TALON LC Keeperless Hook: The keeperless hook handles a wide variety of load ring sizes & styles while eliminating the possibility of losing a load that inadvertently gets past the keeper. The Onboard Advantage: Our cargo hook kits can be installed on new or existing aircraft using standard hand tools. Time between overhauls is five years or 1,000 operating hours for all TALON cargo hooks. And because Onboard Systems maintains a large inventory of cargo hook kits and spare parts, we can usually ship your order out quickly.Cargo Hook Load Maximum Cargo Hook loading is 400 Lbs (181 kgs).Airspeed Vne = 102 KIAS, with Cargo Hook installed, but no load. Vne = 75 KIAS, or less with external load.

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